The History Behind Mini Dental Implants in Prestonsburg, KY

The invention of the mini dental implant has revolutionized cosmetic dentistry in Prestonsburg, KY and throughout the world. Mini dental implants have quickly become the most sought after method of rectifying tooth loss due to injury, damage or decay. More and more dental practices are currently offering these innovative implants, including Michael K. McKinney, DMD Dentistry in Prestonsburg, Kentucky.

Dentures have been available to patients suffering from tooth loss for many years, but the dental implant has only been in existence since the early 1970s. Dentures are a reliable replacement for missing teeth, but patients often experience discomfort and aggravation due to the fact that they are removable. Mini dental implants provided patients with a stable, long lasting option for tooth replacement.

From the 1970s and on, dental implant technology advanced to the point that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally approved mini dental implants in 1999 as a safe and permanent option for replacing missing teeth.

While Michael K. McKinney, DMD Dentistry offers patients in Prestonsburg, KY this option for tooth replacement; he strives to educate patients on the exact nature of these dental implants. The term 'permanent' is not accurate concerning any dental or medical device, because medicine and dentistry cannot be guaranteed to last forever. What Dr. McKinney can guarantee patients with his advanced mini dental implantation procedure is a long-term solution for tooth replacement that is both safe and effective.

Many men and women in the Prestonsburg, KY area, when faced with tooth loss, simply choose to live with missing teeth. While this option seems to be the most cost effective, in actuality, it can be the most costly. Maintaining a full set of teeth will guarantee better oral health, those who choose to go without replacement, often experience extensive tooth damage and decay, resulting in the need for more extensive dental procedures in the long run.

Mini dental implants, or MDIs, look and act as natural teeth, giving Prestonsburg patients a naturally beautiful smile and the ability to maintain good oral health and hygiene.

Extensive research and advancements in dental technology have proven that mini dental implants are a safe and effective solution for long term replacement of missing teeth. If you are looking to perfect your smile and feel that MDIs are the best option for you, visit Michael K. McKinney, DMD Dentistry in Prestonsburg, KY today.