Benefits of Dental Implants in Prestonsburg, KY

Men and women throughout Prestonsburg, KY who have visited Michael K. McKinney, DMD Dentistry because of broken, damaged or missing teeth are experiencing the fantastic benefits that mini dental implants can provide. Approved by the FDA as a long-term method of denture stabilization and tooth restoration, mini dental implants have become increasingly popular among dentists and patients alike. Discover the many benefits that mini dental implants in Prestonsburg, Kentucky provide and see if MDIs are right for you:

Size. Mini dental implants in Prestonsburg are much smaller than traditional dental implants, making it easier to replace as little as a single tooth. MDIs can replace, one some or all of a patients teeth quickly and easily. The small implant size also allows more patients to be considered for the procedure. With traditional implant procedures, patients often required bone grafts to thicken the jawbone and allow for implantation. The mini dental implant size greatly reduces the need for bone grafts, making the procedure quicker, easier and less invasive—thus increasing the amount of ideal candidates.

Time. Traditional dental implants can take months to complete. Once the initial implant is placed, a significant healing period (typically three months) is required in order to ensure the implant properly fuses with the bone of the jaw. Only when the implant is properly stabilized, can the tooth restoration be completed. Unlike standard implants, in many cases, mini dental implants allow for immediate loading. This means that patients can walk out of Dr. McKinney office on the day of the procedure with an implant in place that is not only stable, but also can be used immediately.

Versatility. Mini dental implants are more than just implants. Not only can MDIs be used to replace missing teeth, they are also used to aid in other dental procedures such as dentures and crowns. Mini dental implants, above all else, provide support for long-term dental prosthetics.

Whether used to support crowns, dentures or as a replacement for missing teeth, MDIs have many benefits for patients who are looking to rectify tooth loss. For more information or to set up a mini dental implant consultation visit Michael K. McKinney, DMD Dentistry in Prestonsburg, KY today.